About DJ

DJ Sackmann is an NBA/WNBA Skills Coach and Influencer who founded Hoopstudy, one of the global leaders in online basketball education. In 2018 DJ founded Hoopstudy. Hoopstudy is now recognized as one of the top online basketball education companies in the world.

DJ Sackmann

Skills Trainer & Entrepreneur

With tens of thousands of customers, Hoopstudy provides players, trainers and coaches an educational platform to help them succeed in their desired basketball field.

He has amassed over 2 Million followers across social media and has worked with some of the top brands in the world such as; adidas, GAP, NBA, Bleacher Report, EA Sports, NBA Live, Acura and Wells Fargo to name a few. He is very popular globally for his influence not only in basketball but motivational speaking and education through sport.

DJ also runs basketball training events across the globe and has held events in the following countries; USA, Israel, China, Russia, Vienna, Australia, Czech Republic and Turkey, to name a few.

DJ is also part owner of Dr1Ven Training in China which is the largest basketball certification company in the world.

Player Development

DJ has spent time with multiple college and NBA coaches this summer, working along side: Tom Crean, Sam Mitchell, Seth Greenberg and Kaleb Canales to name a few. He has received high praise from his peers about his expertise in player development. (see video) “I’m 51 i’ve been a head coach for 18 years, and i’ve learned more watching DJ in one week, than I could have possibly imagined.” Tom Crean - Indiana Hoosiers Head Coach