1 on 1 Professional Coaching to Maximize Your Potential

How does MXP work?

  • Swot analysis build with DJ Sackmann
  • Athlete sends in game film
  • Professional scouts review and break down
  • Athlete receives film
  • Athlete internalizes feedback
  • Athlete and coach collaborate
  • Athlete implements feedback into games and training
  • Rinse and Repeat

Mentorship Flow

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Week 1-6

Starting at $3,000

  • Getting to know the athlete
  • MXP Film Analysis - Prerequesite to DJ Sackmann Mentorship Program
  • Swot Analysis Build with DJ Sackmann
  • 1 Film Breakdown a week
  • Weekly Collaboration
  • Athlete implements training and feedback into games

Post Week 6 (Mentorship Program)

$500 / month

  • Meeting with DJ Sackmann to evaluate mentorship program fit.
  • Monthly Film Breakdown
  • Customized 90-day workouts based on athlete's role and situation.
  • Weekly Calls and discussions with DJ Sackmann
  • Access to DJ Sackmann's private calendar
  • Free access to DJ Sackmann and Hoopstudy events after 3 months.


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